Friday, March 6

for the sake of those who have actually read my blog, or consistently checked in on it; i apologize. and to everyone else, ill just pick back up like no hiatus ever happened. i have shared with some friends recently how i have been challenged personally in my prayer life. back in february we were challenged in class at church to start our days with 20 minutes of praising God for two weeks. sounds pretty easy, right? well, it really wasn't that easy for me starting out. the first fives minutes actually went by quickly and then i hit that daunting brick wall. when i started to struggle through my thoughts, would get distracted, and my mind would start to wander. i began to start writing down what i was thankful for, what i could praise God for in my life and what i could praise about God.

I have always been challenged by the command given in Thessalonians to "pray without ceasing" or keeping an on going daily walk and talk with God, not just when I remember to or when I feel like it. Opening up my day with 20 minutes of praise created a new way for me to continue in conversation and praise and seeing how it reflected on the rest of my day. prayer is an amazing and powerful thing. prayer, and a continual relationship with God is a powerful thing. looking back i have seen how prayer phasing in and out of my life through strengths and weakness has affected me. if this post makes any sense or brings light to anything, i hope it is that prayer is a gift from God; take it!



Monday, January 12

taking a break from christmas thru, well, last monday morning proved that i pretty much put everything else on hold. which was NICE. christmas started out wonderfully when i got some adorable pictures of my niece! i was sad to miss out on her first christmas, but maybe, one year soon, i will be able to share one with her!
I also fit a lot of dog sitting into my break, you know, for some extra cash. i think toby may have finally warmed up to daisy because it was the first time they ever cuddled together! my break also included plenty of starbucks with and without friends, and as always they got my name wrong. I also made lots of chocolate caramel covered pretzels and they seemed to go over really well with just about everyone! i will definitely be making those again next year!
we kicked off the new year with a pretty great new years eve party at our house with a lot of our close friends! we might have been a little grumpy the next morning when we had to meet the family for bowling. or at least i was a bit grumpy from being tired.
toby has been loving the snow, so much that he goes outside and comes back in looking like a snow dog. and then i get to clean up all the puddles that get left behind from the snow that melts off of his fur. his fur is a snow magnet, and the snow just balls up into little snow balls on it so the only way off is for it to melt! we did a lit of napping and of course football watching over break, and overall just got a lot of quality relaxation in!

how was your christmas, and how have you started off 2015 so far?


merry christmas!!

Thursday, December 25

 merry christmas, from our family to yours!


christmas // in our house

Monday, December 22

just some of the christmas decorations that are around the house this year! i love that i am slowly collecting more each christmas. the biggest decoration purchase this year we took the plunge and bought a fake tree...and guess what...i don't hate it! the 7.5 ft fraser fur with fresh balsam scented plug in that is posing as our tree is just fine. to be completely honest, it is saving us money (i found out tree for 25 bucks online!!!), mess, and will last longer...which was important this year! we had a busy could weeks before our christmas party, and to buy a tree that would last from december 10th through the new year...well i wasn't sure if a tree from lowes would last that long, and we just didn't have the time (or really...the want to spend the money as most places start at $40) to go cut one down. this is the first time both kenny and i have had a fake tree, and we definitely have not converted from a nice real tree! 

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